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RPN Engineering Calculator™ (REC)
Fo - Geometric Mean  Calculator

Click the pale yellow [Fo] button on the Engineering Keypad to launch the Geometric Mean Calculator. For a detailed description of the Multiple-Entry Calculators, click this link.

Given any two: Center Frequency (Fo), Bandwidth (BW), Lower Band-edge Frequency (FL), or Upper Band-edge Frequency (FU), the Geometric Mean Calculator will calculate the two unknowns. (Of course this is not limited to calculating frequencies).

As an example let's find the bandwidth and lower bandedge frequency with a center frequency of 35000 Hz and upper bandedge of 36500 Hz. As described in the we start in the Fo text box, input 35000 then press [Enter <—] three times and input 36500 into the FU text box and press [Enter <—] again. Below is the "calculator" after solving the problem.